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Should I Get A Transmission Flush

Should I get A Transmission Flush?


Transmission flush Summerville

Transmission Clinics does not recommend a transmission flush. Automatic transmissions have an internal filter. This filter over time collects debris. If the fluid is changed without changing the filter,which is what a transmission flush does.The debris is left inside the transmission. This will only contaminate the new fluid , defeating the purpose.

The most effective way to go about servicing an automatic transmission, is to drop the pan and change the filter whenever possible. This method serves a dual purpose, 1) we are able to remove the contaminants contained in the old filter as well as any debris in the pan its self. 2) we are better able to assess the overall condition of the transmission by actually seeing the extent and material make up of the debris. We are transmission clinics of Charleston SC and this is how we do it.