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Transmission Repair Goose Creek Transmission Slipping

Transmission Repair Goose Creek Transmission Slipping


While driving in Goose Creek I noticed my Ford 150 was starting to slip really bad. I only have 130,000 miles. At first it was just a slight slippage. After about 4 miles it started to get really bad and I almost didn’t make it through the intersection after my light turned green.

Transmission Repair Summerville Transmission Slipping

I pulled over and checked for a transmission repair place I could have it checked out at. I found Transmission Clinics and talked to them. They advised me that I should not drive it any more and it could cause more damage. I had my trucked towed to their shop and they did a full diagnostic on it.

I told them I just had my transmission fluid flushed at a local place, and they said my fluids were burnt and that getting my transmission flushed would fix it. What I didn’t know is it didn’t get all of the crap out of the torque converter and when they finished it, I had no idea it would damage my transmission.

If it not for Mr. Browns crew and his technician I would of had more damages. I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience they had and felt very compfortable when they said it needed to be rebuilt.

They did a great job. I fully recommend Transmission Clinics to every one.

J. Fisher

Goose Creek SC