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Transmission Slipping Problems Summerville

Transmission Slipping Problem Summerville

My Transmission Has Slipping Problems In Summerville:

I own a 99 Toyota Camry. I was having issues with it slipping. I went to the dealership and they wanted a ton of money just to see.

After an extensive wait the adviser said that I needed a new one at the sum total around $4,200-$5,000. When I asked about rebuilding it, they replied it would cost more. I went to two other private shops in the area and they told me just about the same.

I finally went to Transmission Clinics just off of Main Street in Summerville Next to that Gas Station. Talk about a difference in helping people. I was very pleased that they took the time to fully explain what needed to be done and why, also how to maintain it once it was done.

I never had anyone give me such good advise. When I told them the price of the other quotes, they actually explained in full detail some of the reasons and causes that could happen, yet most unlikely.When I found out they also had a Nation Wide Warranty, I was convinced they were the place to go.